2004 Lisbon Fencing Men Epee Semis

Uploaded on Monday 4 October 2010


2004 Fencing World Cup in Lisbon in Men's Epee. Some early direct elimination bouts from the tournament. January 31, 2004 Lisbon DVD is a full double disk set of amazing high-level footage ( over 3 1/2 hours). Sixteen full 15-touch final bouts from the top 64 to the final bout. Disk includes members of the 2004 Olympic French team: Obry, Jannet and Boisse. Also 2004 Olympians Fisher (SWE), Thompson (USA) and Sang Yup Lee (KOR).

This video clip comes from fencingwebtv.com

DVD #1:

Top 64 Bouts:

Thompson (USA) vs. Martinelli (ITA)

Robeiri (FRA) vs. Alcarria (ESP)

Hansen (USA) vs. Moerch (NOR)

Janvier (FRA) vs. TUO (CHN)

Top 32 Bouts:

Fisher (SWE) vs. Lucenay (FRA)

Martinelli (ITA) vs. Shong (CAN)

Boisse (FRA) vs. Obry (FRA)

Top 16 Bouts:

Martinelli (ITA) vs. Jannet (FRA)

Vankey ( SWE) vs. Fernandez (VEN)

DVD #2:

Top 8 Bouts:

Boisse (FRA) vs. Fabrice Jannet (FRA)

Sang Yup Lee (KOR) vs. Gang Zhao (CHI)

Vankey ( SWE) vs. Jerome Jannet (FRA)

Janvier (FRA) vs. Bouliere (FRA)

Semi Final Bouts:

Boisse (FRA) vs. Sang Yup Lee (KOR)

Vankey ( SWE) vs. Janvier (FRA)

Final Bout:

Boisse (FRA) vs. Janvier (FRA)


Language: English

Length: 99 mins

Country: United States

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