Xcorps Action Sports TV #56.) PISMO seg.1

Uploaded on Monday 4 August 2014


Xcorps Action Sports TV #56.) PISMO seg.1 - Xcorps TV productions rolled from San Diego to central California to hang in beautiful seaside community of Pismo Beach in search of some off road beach dune riding action with SUNBUGGY Fun Rentals and a few days at the beach in search of the elusive Pismo Clam!
On this show have a look at the ultra scenic and unspoiled on the central California coast and the great Xcorps beach digs at the SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel.
Xcorps host Jason Lazo reports from the kitchen with a tasty food segment at the famous STEAMERS of PISMO restaurant!
Also a refreshing taste test at the happy hour cocktail venue another STEAMERS feature!
Music in this segment includes RIVE promoted band JU-TUAN doing their song By The River. Xcorps and GRX theme song by Jason Lazo.
Thanks to our sponsors:
SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel
Steamers of Pismo
SunBuggy Fun Rentals
Cameras by Sony and Canon
No Go Pros!
Edit in Final Cut X
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A J.S.Edmondson FilM
©2014 The Xcorps
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Language: English

Country: United States


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